Adam Wilson, About me image. Images of my face, creatively marked up with colouring pencils to reflect horns, moustache and a comedy superhero outfit.

About Me

If you don’t like reading reams of text, then please check out my digital C.V by clicking the phone image below. This will display my C.V as an InVision app prototype.

If viewing on a smartphone, the prototype needs to be saved to your home screen to get the full effect of a native app. To do this on IOS click the share icon in the bottom browser menu and select ‘Add to Homescreen’. On android, just click the three circles ‘menu icon’ and select ‘Add to Homescreen’. Then just back out of the web browser and open the new InVision app from your device homepage…Voila!

If however you would like a bit more information, then read on reader!

Hi, I’m Adam – a creative, versatile and hard working multi-disciplinary designer, specialising in all forms of graphic, mobile app and user experience design…..I also have a bit of web design and basic HTML/CSS experience for good measure.

I am adept at using all associated software such as the Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, InVision, Adobe Experience Design, and also commonly use collaborative project management tools such as Trello and Slack.

My key ingredients for success – creative curiosity, a strong work ethic and an emphasis on communication. Anyone can learn a piece of software, but these are the skills I rate amongst my most valuable.

I have extensive experience across all types of digital and print media, and my creative curiosity about the weird and wonderful world of mobile application, user interface and user experience design has now led me in recent years to specialise in this area.

Since September 2015, I have been working with a new tech start-up, creating a mobile application for the music industry and anyone associated with live music. Working as the as the Creative Director I am the lead on the mobile application product design, user interface and user experience design in addition to all other visual and graphical design output including the overarching brand identity.

I moved into design after a lifetime spent learning the tools of the trade and working alongside art departments, creative directors, photographers, graphic designers and video directors, on creative campaigns associated with the band that I was in, signed to Universal Records.

All this inspiration and experience was the catalyst for my own creative ambitions, and I retrained with the University of Hertfordshire, doing a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design and in doing so, revealing my true nature, as someone who loves creating visually stunning and useful things and experiences.

I was always artistic, I was always creative, I was always re-ordering things, and I was always looking to make things better…….I was always a designer.

Design excites me. Design, in it’s many guises pervades all aspects of our daily lives. Good design has the power to improve lives and experiences and can be the difference between a company or a brand or a products success or failure.

Great design can change the world.